Progressive Slots: How the Most Profitable Games Work

Progressive Slots

Six and eight-figure winnings in gambling are known only through the state lotteries. But in online casinos, there are the progressive online slots that have a jackpot that can spit out millions with a single spin.

What Is a Progressive Slot?

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Everyone knows about the slots in online casinos, where many players around the world try their luck. Among these slot games, there are also some special slots: the so-called progressive slots. They work in the same way as any other slot machine, but they offer the chance of significantly higher winnings.

In the end, the player does not have to do anything different than when playing classic slot machines and video slots. However, the stakes take a different route here, as a portion of the money is deposited into the progressive jackpot – precisely because of this, the jackpot keeps increasing. This sum is often called a “ticker” and is fed by many slots from different casinos.

If, for example, many players play the most famous and popular progressive slot Mega Moolah, then they all contribute to the growth of the jackpot and play for it.

Basics About Progressive Slots

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The birthplace of progressive jackpots is in the USA. There, the first machines were connected and every time a bet was made on them, the winning amount increased.

When online casinos appeared on the market, the idea of progressive jackpots was also born. The various casinos were linked to each other – if they had the corresponding game in their portfolio – and players could now try their luck on these slot games across platforms. The result: the sums of the progressive jackpots grew to immense heights.

In order for it to be possible to take part in the hunt for the jackpot at all, there are some basic principles that every player should know:

  • Details. Customers who play regularly have a higher chance of winning here. For this reason, it is advisable to basically read the game rules in advance before making a bet.
  • The minimum bet. To even be in the hunt for the progressive jackpot, it is necessary to bet at least the specified amount.

However, the ways in which such a progressive jackpot is paid out differ. The following options are available:

  • Bonus games. Only if the player gets into the bonus round and wins there. Like in Mega Fortune, where you have to hit the center of the wheel.
  • Special symbol combinations. What’s more, the progressive jackpot can be awarded like the ordinary main prize or jackpot when a predetermined symbol combination or number of symbols appear on the reels. A good example is Geisha Wonders, where the player must achieve consecutive star symbols. Even progressive video poker slots exist, where the payout occurs in the succession of a royal flush.
  • Random award. Here luck plays a big role because with each spin, it can happen that the progressive jackpot is paid out, and it can reach thousands of dollars in one game.

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