EuroMillions. France Has 29 New Lottery Millionaires 


Luck has struck again in France thanks to the 100 winning codes designated by the European lottery, which welcomed a “shower of millionaires”, including 29 in France. However, no one won the 17 million euro jackpot.

Not one, not even ten, but 29 new millionaires have been added to the list in France following the special draw organized by Euromillions on Friday, January 22. The European lottery, in addition to its traditional jackpot and the My Million, drew lots based on a code randomly assigned at the time of the taking of the game one hundred people who each pocket a million euros.

All participants in the Euromillions draw, which amounted to 17 million euros, were also likely to walk away with a check for 1 million euros under a special draw. Among the lucky winners, there were 28 French tickets, which was discovered the day after the draw.

Nearly 50 Million Grids Played

Lottery Millionaires

If the lottery had made many participants hopeful by announcing the unprecedented granting of one million euros to holders of one hundred drawn grids, more than 47.5 combinations of numbers had been recorded. This surpasses the figures recorded during the mega draw of September 24, 2021, which involved an exceptional jackpot of 130 million euros.

Millions of Euros Have Been Raining Down in France in the Beginning of 2022

The beginning of 2022 has been marked by numerous wins within the French borders. After a 79.4 million euro win in the Pays de la Loire region at the end of December, a grid filled in Normandy allowed a lucky person to pocket one million euros in mid-January. Then 67 million euros were won in France on Tuesday, January 18.

Basics to Know About Euromillions

EuroMillion lottery

Euromillions is a relatively young game, launched only on February 7, 2004. Its launch was made possible by the combined efforts of such important lotteries as the French Française des Jeux and the Spanish Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, joined by the English company Camelot Group.

Prior to the launch of the EuroMillions, each of the European countries had their own national lotteries. The decision to launch a single lottery was originally planned in connection with the transition of European Union countries to a single currency, that is, it was another symbolic gesture of European integration. However, creating a European bingo system took almost a decade and eventually culminated in the appearance of Euromillions.

A week after its launch, on February 13th 2004, the first draw was held in Paris. 6 months later Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland joined the lottery and that’s when the Euromillions really took on a pan-European dimension. Currently, besides these countries, the Euromillions is also available to residents of Andorra, the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, and Monaco.

The most important event in the history of the lottery was the change in the draw format on May 10, 2011. Since that time, a second weekly draw was introduced on Tuesdays, and the additional numbers were eleven instead of nine, as before.

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