Winning €600,000 After Buying a €10 Scratchcard


In March 2022, a player had a lucky hand. His scratch card, bought at €10 in Trégueux, allowed him to win the beautiful sum of €600 000.

€600 000, it is the exquisite sum won by a player in the game Mega Crossword Puzzle of the French Gaming Association. The scratch ticket was bought at the bar La Cravache, run by Marcel Couffon, 8 in Trégueux. The lucky winner, whose initial stake was just €10, took possession of his prize on March 21, in Pacé.

“When I think back to that moment, I still tremble,” confides the winner, who by revealing eight words imagined pocketing €20,000. But he didn’t count on the ninth word discovered, which made him hit the jackpot! “It was weird, I was in disbelief, overjoyed and amazed all at the same time. I lived this scene while being absent”, he notices, moved by his winnings.

After the surprise, he is now thinking about the future: “I’m going to invest to make this money grow.”

How to Play the Mega Crossword


The Mega Crossword Scratch Ticket has 3 games. The first game is like Crossword and the other 2 games are different. The winnings of these 3 games are cumulative.

First Game

A player has to scratch the 20 letters present under the boxes with question marks. Then a player has to transfer the discovered letters on your crossword grid, and scratch the corresponding letters. The goal of the game is to find as many complete words as possible in the grid. If a player manages to complete at least 2 words, you win. But to win the €600 000, a player has to complete 9 words!

Second Game

The second level requires you to scratch the boxes with the question marks. If you find words that are also present in the crossword puzzle of the first game, then you win! You win the amount under the corresponding word’s winning box.

Third Game

The last game is similar to the first game. You still have to scratch the letter boxes to make words. This time, you don’t have to find them in the grid of game 1, but in the list of the indicated words of game 3. If you find one of the words listed, then you win the prize associated with that word! It is possible to win up to €20,000 in this game.

Not the Only Winner

online Scratchcard

This is not the first big win at the French Gaming Association game in this commune. A player won the jackpot at the My Million game. He had validated his ticket on April 21, 2020 at the bar l’Imprévu, in Trégueux.

The winner validated his ticket for the April 21 2-22 draw at L’Imprévu, the bar-tabac located in downtown Trégueux, near Saint-Brieuc. He won exactly €1,000,012.30. The sum was paid to him on May 13, by the payment center of Lamballe.

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